Octobox Midterm Presentation

Octobox Midterm Presentation

First, we stumble across a team essentially ripping off our work. Then, we are behind again and the prototype isn’t going anywhere. And finally, a project revision- this late into the term! So with one night to completely change things up (not really, just tweak it), I sat down hammering out slides, Brian quickly assembled a prototype and Manuel managed to work out a Widget. The presentation rocked, and we established ourselves at the top level of the class again.

The presentation plan was to start by announcing the revision, and then going over the concept and the ideas supporting before showing off the prototype and what we’ve learned from it. Rather than having a lineup of photos, I decided to hold everything together in place with icons that exemplified what we wanted to say. And it worked!

Octobox Spring 2008 Midterm Presentation

So next Thursday, we’ll be deploying our prototype and poster for the SFU Open House. I hope to put together a neat WP theme for the Octoblog by then…

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