Arduino + Flash Physical Prototype Demonstration

Arduino + Flash Physical Prototype Demonstration

This is a physical prototype that was put together as part of the Interaction Design Praxis coursework. The product idea was aimed at busy parents in the professional work environment who have to be on “standby” for their kids but needed a discreet method of receiving, and viewing messages. And so this concept explores one of our ideas where a discreet object is used to alert and display messages.

With the help of Jonah Model’s Flash and Arduino intro, we were able to quickly deploy a Flash and Arduino setup successfully on OS X Leopard. For this project, we used Flash to send the signals we need to control the Arduino so there was minimal modifications to Jonah’s sample sketch. We simply let Flash do all the “processing”, deciding what the Arduino should do.

But on the physical prototyping side of things, we emptied out a mechanical pencil and filled it with wires to get the LEDs connected to the Arduino board. We placed three LEDs on the clip to represent the urgency of the message and a fourth LED in the tip of the pencil fakes the message projection. The original idea was to illuminate invisible ink but due to the time constraints, we were unable to secure a the UV LED as well as the vibration motor we had originally intended to place in there.

Thanks to Afro for helping me solder this piece together 30 minutes before it was due.

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