Be careful with URL legibility

Be careful with URL legibility

We use underscores and dashes to circumvent the no-spaces rule when it comes to URLs. But when it comes to a domain names, everyone prefers to have the individual words combined. However, we should be careful with how you mix and match words. This photo was featured in a Treehugger post and the thing is, I thought the site was RECHARGELT, not RECHARGE IT. After all, base on the post I thought that, rechar-gelt, sound French enough for me. But then I noticed the California license plate and and had second thoughts. It technically also reads RECHARGE-IT, which makes more sense in the state of California. Taking the jump confirmed my suspicions…

Indeed, the comments show that someone also mistaken it for RECHARGELT, and he claims it forwarded him to an adult site. With ‘I’s and ‘L’s, it’s definitely something to be careful with. Lowercase ‘l’s look like uppercase ‘I’s in a lot of fonts and I’m not a fan of the slabby looking letter i. And when Futura’s lowercase ‘j’ looks like its uppercase ‘I’ but sunk in the ground, it’s always good practice to read out what you type :)

3 thoughts on “Be careful with URL legibility”

  1. hahahahaha “rechar-gelt”.. its like “gestalt”, but not really. better he make that mistake than the dude who got “”– who’d wanna be know as a rapist?

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