ID Praxis Personas Poster

ID Praxis Personas Poster

Tomorrow, we have to present this poster for IAT333 and go up against other teams in another round of harsh student participation critique sessions. This is my largest poster yet, rolling out at 54 inches in length and standing 2 feet high. I also got a try out pantone colors for the first time and let me tell you, they are wonderful to work with. I tried a different approach since I seem to have a reputation as a layout/typography type of person. Figured in one night I would become vector happy and see if Vectora (the font of choice for this project) will hold up.

According to the assignment spec, we needed an individual poster for each persona and then a combination poster to compare our personas. And I don’t like it one bit. Everyone is complaining about the minimum 3-poster requirement for a single week’s worth of assignment which would come up to be roughly $70 plus foam-core. For students, there’s no doubt that it bites. But if there’s a way around it, it would definitely be tiling. Cut it up into manageable 11 x 17’s and with some precise cutting and gluing, expect to pay lunch money for it plus foam core.

Persona Comparison Poster

Yes, foam core is expensive, but that’s another story.

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