Octobox Open House Poster Version 1

Octobox Open House Poster Version 1

Alright, well I’m not happy with it but a solid version was due on Valentine’s Day. And so here it is. I still have a day or two before the printers take a swing at this door sized poster, so I’ll try to dedicate another session or two adding more detail into the poster. The theme is my iteration of Manuel’s original vision of the poster and it incorporates several key ideas. We thought that using Tado as inspiration would be great to help guide us approach this poster.

I worked with the idea of having a “road to sustainability” that lead to the top, despite the fact that the hierarchy would retain the top-to-bottom feel. Like all my other posters, I like to take random risks and so this seems to be the big risk that I would take. The reason is that the road may seem to lead away from the idea itself because the hierarchy causes you to take the road of sustainability the “wrong” way. But ultimately, what I want to convey is that in general, we are still at the bottom of that road.

Enjoy the full poster after the jump.

Octobox Open House Poster ver 1

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